Grapperhaus wants to repatriate five Syria-goers

The cabinet wants to try to bring five Syrians to the Netherlands. They‘re all suspected of terrorist crimes. Demissionary Minister Grapperhaus writes to the House of Representatives that he will talk to international parties to see what the possibilities are.

The court in Rotterdam has told one of the suspects that it must have been repatriated to the Netherlands within three months or that there is a concrete commitment that this will be tried. And about four others, the court has issued a similar ruling, only that is about a period of six months. If the court’s conditions are not met, the criminal cases are likely to come to an end.

Pick up is dangerous

Earlier this year, the Netherlands also brought an IS woman from Syria. This happened for a similar reason: the criminal case threatened to be terminated. Grapperhaus then said that the repatriation would certainly not become a habit, but he didn‘t rule out that it would happen more often. The cabinet often pointed out that picking up travellers in Syrian camps is dangerous.

In his letter to the House, Grapperhaus calls it important that travellers suspected of terrorist crimes are tried. โ€œIt’s about serious crimes, which should not go unpunished.โ€

Balancing interests

When considering whether in a concrete case Syrian goers and their children are repatriated, the individual circumstances are leading and different interests are weighed against each other, writes the minister.

As examples of such interests, he mentions the prevention of impunity, international relations, security in the area and of those involved and national security.

Important step

Andre Seebregts is a lawyer for four out of five women about whom the letter is about. He sees the minister‘s position as an important step towards the actual repatriation of women. โ€œIt’s the first time I hear the minister so firmly. He stresses that the women cannot remain impunity and that justice in the Netherlands is the only way.โ€