Grapperhaus wants to talk quickly to lawyers, proprietist witness about security Peter R. De Vries.

Justice wants to talk to the lawyers of major witness Nabil B. to discuss the security investigation of the murdered crime journalist Peter R. de Vries. Thats what demissionary minister Grapperhaus of Justice writes to the House of Representatives. The conversation should take place in the short term. De Vries acted as trustee of Nabil B.

B.s lawyers Peter Schouten and Onno de Jong have little confidence in the research, led by top official Tjibbe Joustra. It was previously the National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, the forerunner of the current NCTV.

Schouten and De Jong therefore doubt the independence of that research. โ€œThe butcher approves his own meat,โ€ said Schouten this week in the Radio ProgrammAcceit With the Eye of Tomorrow.

Innocent brother

On Monday, the SP already asked Grapperhaus Parliamentary questions about the security of De Vries. High time, says attorney Schouten. Before Peter R. de Vries was shot to death, B.โ€ s brother Redouan and his lawyer Derk Wiersum murdered.

Nabil B. is a protagonist in the so-called Marengo trial against Ridouan Taghi and other suspects. โ€œThey missed the first traffic light at the NCTV and the Public Prosecutor, the innocent brother Redouan. They missed the second traffic light, attorney Derk Wiersum. And now they missed the third traffic light. That needs to be investigated,โ€ says Schouten.

Nabil B.s lawyers worked with Peter R. de Vries and criticised De Vries lack of security in the television program Op1. De Vries didnt want permanent security itself, but that doesnt mean that the State should have done nothing at all, they said back then.

Who knew what, when

Grapperhaus writes the question to the Chamber to understand an independent investigation and sees that with the appointment of Joustra. He asked Joustra because of his experience of independent investigations, including that of the disaster in flight MH17. Joustra was also chairman of the Security Research Council. Grapperhaus sees Joustras knowledge and experience as very relevant.

Grapperhaus writes that the committee will further consist of two other people: Professor Meurs of Erasmus University and former Attorney General Van Wijk. Next week he hopes to announce the final composition of the committee.

The aim of the research is to identify what information about De Vries security at which time was known to which (government) party and to what extent something has been done with that information. In September, all the facts about the security of the crime journalist shot should be on the table, according to the demissionary minister.