Graubünden claims that vaccinated may come skiing

The Swiss authorities have prescribed mandatory quarantine for travellers from risk areas including the Netherlands, but in the eastern canton of Graubünden a coronavination works wonders.

The Tages-Anzeiger newspaper reports that vaccinated people no matter where they come from in Graubünden can go straight on the ski slope. According to the local health authorities, almost all foreigners who can prove that they have been vaccinated twice do not have to be quarantined in Graubünden.

The very mountainous canton covers a large part of the eastern part of Switzerland.

The vaccines that are now allowed on the market, and the others in the breakaway, have been manufactured to remedy the symptoms of the disease. So, vaccinated people protect themselves. Whether the vaccines also prevent the spread of the virus is not yet clear. That was not a requirement and was not measured in the studies. However, it is likely that without symptoms the contagiousness will also decrease and the spread of vaccines will slow down to a certain extent.

Mutant excluded

An exception is made for people from England and South Africa because of virus variants in Graubünden. For them, the quarantine obligation in the canton continues to exist after two vaccinations.

Visitors from the other countries can enter the Graubünden mountains after two inoculations, it makes no sense to quarantine immune people, said Marina Jamnicki of the Health Service of Graubünden.

National Health Institute: no, skiing can not

A spokesman for Switzerland Tourism reports that aspiring holidaymakers have already reported after the message of the Swiss region as taken over by De Cceit, but stresses that the national health institute indicates that the region can not overrule the national rules. So the plans to admit vaccinated people are presumably illegal.

The quarantine rules remain and must be followed, says Daniel Dauwalder of the Swiss Ministry of Health in the article of the Tags-Anzeiger. The Graubünden region should therefore not ask for its own course at all and is being whistled back by another health institute. Theres no room for play in the rules.

It is possible that the region and the national government are still in a state of mind for a while.