Graus wants to investigate accusation of abuse himself.

PVV MP Graus wants an independent advisor to investigate allegations against him of sexual harassment and abuse. According to NRC, a former group assistant accuses Graus of โ€œa lot of serious thingsโ€. The woman would have made the report after, according to NRC, Grauss ex-wife, told her to have sex with his security guards.

Graus strongly contradicts the allegations. He has now made a request to have an independent adviser โ€œconduct an orientation surveyโ€. He says he looks forward to the investigation with confidence.

Trial by media

The PVV MP speaks of โ€œtrial by media, without reporting and missing concrete evidenceโ€. He adds that โ€œspreading lies, slander and libel is punishable and that accusing someone on the basis of false statements made by anonymous sources without substantiated research is not of this timeโ€. Graus has hired an attorney.

PVV leader Wilders said last week that he cant take action against Graus because no complaint was made against him. Wilders believes that the Public Prosecutors Office and the judge should assess whether there are any criminal offences.

President of Chamber Bergkamp informed that she has no tools to investigate MPs or to take action in such situations. She called integrity issues primarily the responsibility of the groups. She called on people to report abuse and she also pointed out the integrity adviser of the Chamber.