Gravenberch honest about the first Bayern weeks: ‘Expected more’

Ryan Gravenberch had hoped for more minutes of playing at Bayern Munich, but the midfielder remains patient. Gravenberch hasnt left the World Cup with the Orange out of his head either.
At Bayern, Gravenberch mainly has to do with falls. That is undoubtedly also one of the reasons that he is now with the Dutch Junior Team, instead of the big Dutch team. Did I expect more from it in terms of playing minutes? To be honest, yes, says Gravenberch about his first Bayern weeks at DecceIT. Of course, you come to a big club where there is competition, but I feel like I
m doing well in the end. So I had hoped for a little more playing time.
Nevertheless, trainer Julian Nagelsmann is satisfied with the native Amsterdammer. The trainer says Im doing a good job, but its true thats no use at the moment. I have to stay calm now. My chance comes naturally and then I have to take it.
Where Gravenberch has to report to the Dutch Junior, his Ajax successor and bosom friend Kenneth Taylor is part of the major Dutch team. However, that does not make Gravenberch jealous. Of course, I like Kenneth, I
ve known him for a long time. Do I find it strange? Anything can happen in football. I dont regret the choice I made. Of course, this is not good, because every player wants to go to the World Cup, I think. But who knows, I might be there if I take more minutes at Bayern.