Gravenberch honest after big Ajax win: ‘Sometimes I have trouble with that’

Ryan Gravenberch sometimes finds it difficult to stay focused on Ajax matches. The nineteen year old midfielder is said to be easy at times when the Amsterdammers are well ahead.
Ajax won SC Cambuur 9-0 on Saturday. On Tuesday Fortuna Sittard had to believe it: the Amsterdammers won a 0-5 victory. At ESPN, Gravenberch is asked how he keeps himself sharp in this type of duels. โ€œSometimes I have trouble doing that, frankly,โ€ replies the talented auditor. โ€œIf we get ahead so fast, I find it hard to keep that focus.โ€
โ€œI‘ll get a little too easy,โ€ Gravenberch continues. โ€œThat’s what you saw this game. That‘s not supposed to happen, but it’s still difficult. At rest, the trainer came to me. He also said I was getting a little easy. Then I have to change a button.โ€
Gravenberch then gets asked if he was taught in the Premier League. โ€œI don‘t want to say learned right away. The last two games went easy. Last year we only saw that things went well in the beginning, but less later. That could happen again this season. That just doesn’t feel right now.โ€