Grealish seeks a fight with journalist: You dont understand how the world works

Jack Grealish has dismantled a journalist who wrote a negative article about him. The Aston Villa club watcher on behalf of The Birmingham Mail did not find a number of statements made by the Manchester City wing striker.
Grealish played for a long time at Villa, but said after leaving in interviews that he came to play with better players in Manchester and that it allowed him to learn more. That didnt go well with Ashley Preece, the regional newspaper journalist. The wing attackers comments that the redemption fee was not in vain in his contract shot in the wrong throathole at the journalist.
He climbed the pen and wrote a column that Grealish didnt like. On Twitter, he reacts fiercely to the Villa watcher. “This is the worst and most one-sided article Ive ever read,” he says in a statement. Disrespectful? Jealous? Couldnt wait to leave? Arrogance? How did I have all that?
The attacker, who has been flown out by fans across England since his transfer to City, would like to rectify something. “I
ve been and have been a fan of Aston Villa my whole life. Whats about this is that you dont understand how the real world of football is working together today.

This is the worst and most one sided article Ive ever seen.. Classless? Jealous? Couldnt wait to get out? Arrogance? How exactly? Ive been a villa fan my whole life and still am. The thing is you dont understand what goes on in the real football world.
— Jack Grealish (@JackGrealish) September 3, 2021