Great fire destroys business premises in Grootebroek

In the North Holland town of Grootebroek, near Enkhuizen, an industrial building was largely destroyed by a major fire.

The fire brigade received a report of the fire on the industrial estate in the West Frisian village around 4.15 a.m. last night.

It soon became clear that the building, in which a contracting company was located, could no longer be saved. As a result, the fire brigade focused on protecting adjacent buildings. According to a spokesperson for the safety region, these did suffer damage, but were retained.

These are images of the spreading fire on the industrial estate:

The fire is now under control, but the fire brigade is still working on extinguishing it for some time. Demolition cranes are also used to pull fire debris apart. This can release smoke, warns the safety region.

A road on the industrial estate is expected to be closed until 09.00 hours due to the extinguishing work.