Great pressure on home care by corona, care hotel can offer solution

Coronary pressure seems to stabilise somewhat in hospitals, but in home care this is not yet the case. Home care organisations are particularly busy nursing coronavirus patients who have been discharged from the hospital but still need care.

Many of the organisations faced staff shortages even before the coronacrisis. They hope for extra money, says Hans Buijing, director of industry organisation Zorgthuisnl. But also cooperation with hospitals needs to be improved, he says. โ€œIn hospitals, people may stay five, six, seven days. With us, they stay for weeks, months, years, maybe until the end of their lives. You always have to organize that care properly.โ€

And that is why hospital care and care for the elderly need to be better coordinated, he says. โ€œAnd of course we just need extra people.โ€

How this collaboration can be better, you can see in Gaanderen in the Achterhoek. Home care, hospitals and general practitioners have set up a care hotel, especially for coronapatics. A fine solution, patients say to our reporter: