‘Great rondo’ at Ajax-Sparta: ‘There have been solid words, belongs to it’

Spartan Abdou Harroui didnt have much to do with his team against Ajax, but was able to look back moderately satisfied on the Sunday evening match. The second half against Ajax offered perspective, found the midfielder.

Sparta went 3-0 behind the tea and eventually lost by 4-2. โ€œThe second half we wonโ€, concluded Harroui in a conversation with ESPN. โ€œThen we showed more resistance. I am proud of that, of the team.โ€
However, for rest, guests had to gasp for breath. โ€œWe knew beforehand that it will be difficult. Then we try to keep it as compact as possible and gamble on the counter,โ€ says Harroui. โ€œThe first fifteen minutes we did fine. After that, Ajax increased the ball pace and it becomes harder for us to keep it compact. And then they score, that
s the quality of Ajax.โ€
A big roundo in the Johan Cruijff Arena was the result. โ€œThats how it felt, yes. In the calm, firm words have fallen. Comes with it. Its top sport, right? Well, then you can see that we can make it for the second half. Im proud of that.โ€