Greek emergency services pull out en masse for sinking migrant ship

A large-scale rescue campaign is underway off the coast of the Greek island of Kythira to rescue migrants from a sunken sailboat. Around one hundred people were on board the ship.

A helicopter and several ships were deployed to help the migrants. According to the authorities, seven people on board have been rescued so far, and no further details have been given about the missing.

Due to the strong wind, the vessel clapped onto the rocks near the eastern port town of Diakofti. Thats where it then got into trouble. โ€œWe were able to see the boat crash into the rocks. People then climbed the stones to get themselves to safety,โ€ an islander told AP news agency.

Footage shows that emergency services are trying to lift the stranded migrants up with a rope from higher rocks. For the time being, they are being taken care of in a nearby school building, local authorities say.

Kythira is about 400 kilometers from Turkey. Smugglers regularly use the island route to get migrants to Europe.