Greek villages cleared for forest fires: navy in action

In the north of the Greek Peloponnese peninsula, five villages have been evacuated because they are threatened by forest fires. Nearly 150 firefighters try to control the fire in the region near Patras, Greeces third city. Airplanes and helicopters are also used when extinguishing.

About ten houses have already been destroyed in the fire sea. At least five people had to go to the hospital with respiratory problems.

The highway between the peninsula and mainland Greece is closed. The Coast Guard put fifteen people from the coastal area into safety and more than 100 children were evacuated from a seaside camp, local media reports. The Navy patrols off the coast to remove people who are cornered by the fire from the area if necessary.

The fire has been raging since Wednesday. Earlier this week, the fire also seized north of Athens. There were houses in flames, but were not injured.

Greece is struggling with a meteorologists historic heat wave, according to. It is taken into account that the temperature rises to 46 degrees locally this weekend and next week. The end of the extreme heat is not in sight yet. The high temperatures may last for two weeks, according to some estimates.

Elsewhere in southern Europe, it has also been blood-hot and fires have broken out. In southern Italy, in particular, firefighters had to break hundreds of times over the past 24 hours. The island of Sicily is particularly affected by wildfires, after Sardinia was hit by a large forest fire a week ago.

Fierce fires in Turkey killed six deaths. In southern Mediterranean areas, hotels had to be cleared. Tourists are sometimes put in safety with boats.

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