Green Hell is released on consoles June 9

Tropical survivor Green Hell Polish studio Creepy Jar has proved itself well on the RS, and then on the Nintendo Switch, collecting very positive reviews and good reviews from critics. And now its released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This will happen on June 9.

The console version will include all the add-ons and extensions released up to that time, including the cooperative mode that is beloved by players. Future update Spirits of Amazonia all buyers of versions for consoles will get free of charge in their time.

Green Hell sends us to survive in the wilds of the Amazon: without equipment, without weapons, but with amnesia. And in the course of the game our hero must not only cope with hunger, cold, fatigue and wounds, but also find the truth about how he got into this position.

And most importantlymaintain the presence of the spirit and sanity of the psyche. More on CCeit Russian sandbox Black Skylands goes into early access June 11 Scrapnaut added cooperative The first official teaser of the role-playing game I, the Inquisitor.