Green Hell pillar passed Kickstarter in seven hours

In April, Warsaw studio Galaktus Games, known for its failed attempt to translate the loss-making Phantom Doctrine into a desktop format, revealed that Creepy Jar had entrusted it with working on Green Hell: The Board Game. In early August, the project was taken out on Kickstarter, but less than two weeks later, the creators closed the campaign. It is possible that the Green Hell: The Board Game authors would have been able to raise money from the first attempts.

But a revised and relaunched campaign showed that the calculation was correct: from the second time, the table survivor raised the required $53,000 in seven hours. Right now before the final the campaign is 17 days away โ€” this time the developers decided not to delay the process.

Additional targets have already begun to open up in the campaign, among them locations, armor, wounds, additional missions and mechanics. The Green Hell desktop will be co-operative entertainment at 1-4 players.

The game session is supposed to last about an hour. The game is planned to translate into seven languages.

And those wishing to deposit money for a future pillar can get a Green Hell Steam Key. More on Gaming The next PlayStation presentation will be September 9 โ€œWitcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 may not be released this year for PS5 and Xbox Series Protests on Twitch hit broadcast viewing figures.