Green Hell: The Board Game will soon take out on Kickstarter

Studio Creepy Jar continues to build on the success of its tropical survival Green Hell. And the next step looks unexpected, although it corresponds to the spirit of the times: developers have planned the board game Green Hell: The Board Game. In the desktop adaptation we have to go in search Jack Higgins, the missing Amazonian video game hero.

Players will have to lead a search and rescue squad consisting of specialists with special skills: conductor, medic, scientist, survival expert. Thanks to a modular map device, each the journey will be unpredictable.

But in the post there will be a number of mechanics of the original Green Hell: backpack management, construction, resource collection, survival and crafts. Collect money for adaptation will be through Kickstarter.

Work on the board game entrusted the Warsaw studio Galaktus Games, which so far has been remembered only for a resounding failure. Developers undertook the adaptation of the step-by-step strategy Phantom Doctrine, which brought huge losses to its creators, because of which CreativeForge almost closed.

The game, almost killed its studio, and in the new hypostasis performed the same way: the Kickstarter campaign of the board game Phantom Doctrine: Espionage Board Game had to be canceled. In an incomplete month, she raised less than six thousand dollars instead of 67,000.

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