Green Left leader Clover: Cabinet should resign due to payment

GroenLinks wants the Cabinet to resign as a result of the payment affair. Party leader Klaver made that call in the television show Buitenhof. If the Cabinet does not step up on its own, he will file a motion of censure.

resignation is also confessing guilt, which is important in the direction of the victims, says Klaver:


the heart of the payment affair is that many people were wrongly accused of fraud and therefore had to repay large sums to the Tax Administration. A month ago, a parliamentary committee of inquiry presented a report with devastating conclusions. The committee spoke of unprecedented injustice, violating the principles of the rule of law.

Clover believes that the Dutch government has destroyed the lives of 20,000 families. According to him, GroenLinks is not asking for an entire cabinet to leave. โ€œBut if you do not take political responsibility for such a hard report and resign, what is it for? resignation is also confessing guilt.โ€

According to GroenLinks, the entire cabinet has to leave because of the scale of the affair and because the matter is wider than the functioning of a single minister. Clover also believes that the payment affair is a result of years of demolition of the welfare state. According to him, the resignation of the Cabinet is an acknowledgement that the policy pursued can no longer continue. A subsequent cabinet must carry out a โ€œrecovery operationโ€ to rebuild the welfare state, says Klaver.


Klaver said in Buitenhof that he wants to do everything in his power in the election campaign to prevent VVD leader Rutte from running a cabinet again. According to Klaver, Rutte is responsible for the โ€œgreat chaos that has arisenโ€. But he does not want to completely exclude joining a cabinet led by Rutte. The only parties with whom he absolutely does not want to be in a cabinet are the PVV and Forum for Democracy.

The Cabinet has yet to come up with an official response to the report of the Chamber Committee, but has already announced that the victims will all receive EUR 30 000 compensation. Probably the Cabinet will come up with a position on the report next Friday.