Green light for construction of 45,000 new homes

With money from the Cabinet, nearly 45,000 homes can be built in the coming period. Foreign Minister Ollongren reports to the House of Representatives that these are thirty projects spread across the country, which have been approved by a special committee.

The money comes from a โ‚ฌ1 billion jar, which the Ministry of Internal Affairs had earmarked for this purpose in 2019. Municipalities can rely on this to speed up the construction of new homes.

‘Affordable houses’

Ollongren reserves 266 million euros for the now announced 45,000 homes. Municipalities and provinces themselves contribute a further 340 million euros. Two thirds of the homes are intended for the social rental sector, the middle rent and the category ‘affordable housing houses’. Furthermore, 1100 temporary dwellings will be built.

Many projects also have special attention for starters and students, among others.

Construction begins no later than 2023

These include a business park in Nijmegen that is being developed into a ‘residential working’ area, a new project in IJburg in Amsterdam, and the transformation of old shops and offices into new homes in the city centre of Heerlen. Construction should begin by 2023 at the latest.

For an earlier round of 51,000 homes, the Minister already reserved 335 million euros.

In the Netherlands there is a large shortage of housing. The aim of the Cabinet is to increase some 900,000 by 2030.