Greenen messing with Van de Beek: Last I made a joke, didnt fall so well

Manchester United will compete against AS Roma in the Europa League semi-finals on Thursday night at Old Trafford. Donny van de Beek starts on the bank. Jackie Greenen, active in the United women‘s team, thinks it’s all going to work out for Van de Beek in Manchester.
Greens and Van de Beek have regular contact, although nowadays this is a bit more difficult than usual. โ€œWe train on the same complex, but it is now separated because of the coronavirus of course. I‘ll talk to Donny regularly about how he’s doing. We do have some contact,โ€ says Greenen in a live connection with the ESPN studio.
Van de Beek has a rough start with United, but Greenen thinks that the former Ajax midfielder will be fine. There‘s even room in between for a dolly. โ€œI made a joke with him the other day, that I had played more on Old Trafford than he did. But that didn’t work so well,โ€ says Greens with a smile on her face. United‘s female team played for the first time on Old Trafford a few weeks ago.
Soon it gets more serious when Greens continues on the future of Van de Beek. โ€œHe finds a bit of his turn right now, I think he’
s having a good time. That‘s going to be okay,โ€ the Orange Lioness remains positive.

Jackie Greens jokes towards Donny van de Beek: โ€œI’ve already made more minutes on Old Trafford than youโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) April 29, 2021