“Grenfell Tower in London poses a danger to environment and being demolished”

The Grenfell Tower burned out in 2017 is being demolished, reports British newspaper The Times based on government sources. According to the newspaper, that‘s a complete fact. The decision is taken after advice from engineers who say that the building poses a danger to the environment.

Near the building there is a school with 1,200 students who would be particularly at risk. Survivors of the disaster that killed 72 people react to their intention. They were promised that no decision would be made about what happens to the building without them being consulted.

A group of relatives says in a statement that this has been very limited so far: The government has spoken with less than ten survivors and survivors on this issue. How can the tower be demolished without the legal process being completed if no judge can guarantee that it will have no effect on prosecution in the future?

Also check out this video about the fire and the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster:

The government has previously pledged under no circumstances to demolish the building by June 2022. It’s five years since the disaster happened. Many of the next of kin want the building to remain in place for the time being and to make it a monument.

One of the plans is to build a vertical forest in the building. Then 72 plant species are planted in and on the building, one for each fatal victim.

According to the Ministry of Housing, the decision has not yet been final, writes The Guardian: We know how important and sensitive this step is, but there is no decision yet. We have now published this opinion so that those who have been hardest hit have access to any information that leads to a decision before that decision has been made.