GroenLeft MP Snels steps up due to PvdA collaboration

Bart Snels of GroenLinks quits as MP because he disagrees with his partys cooperation with the PvdA. Snels is the partys financial spokesperson and one of the confidants of GroenLinks leader Klaver. Wednesday 27October is his last day.

After the Parliamentary elections, the left-wing parties GroenLinks and PvdA started to work together more closely. In no way does Snels say that, he explains in the letter announcing his departure to Chamber President Bergkamp. He speaks of โ€œvoter deception.โ€

Opportunistic style

โ€œThey are two different parties, with different voter groups and different ways of doing politics,โ€ said Snels. He thinks the PvdA is in a crisis as much as the CDA. โ€œIts not clear to me what the PvdA really stands for, and I dont like the opportunistic style of political business.โ€

Snels believes that the link to the PvdA misses a place in the cabinet and has therefore lost an opportunity to take board responsibility and implement GroenLinks plans, according to the letter.

PvdA leader Ploumen and GroenLinks leader Clover have made it increasingly clear in the formation talks over the past few months that they only wanted to be in a cabinet together. The VVD and the CDA remained against this โ€œleft-wing cloudโ€ and is now working on a formation of a cabinet with VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie. So if those formation talks succeed, the two left-wing parties remain in the opposition.

Four years ago, GroenLinks finally refused to step into a cabinet because of an overly strict migration policy and Snels was unable to agree with that either. โ€œIn 2017, we broke down negotiations ourselves and now in 2021, although the formation has not yet been completed, we tied ourselves to the PvdA, while it was clear that a four-party coalition would be the most likely outcome,โ€ Snels writes. โ€œAddressing climate change and inequality, that must be done now. Not after the next election.โ€


Also from Snels sharp criticism of the lack of space within the group leadership to discuss cooperation with the PvdA. โ€œIt would be good if the group had a discussion on how decisions are taken and the control of MPs over the working of the group and the composition of the group board.โ€

In a tweet, GroenLinks leader Klaver thanks the outgoing Member of Parliament.

In the two-page letter, Snels is also not mild about the way in the Hague politics where it โ€œonly seems to be about damaging othersโ€. He thinks MPs are guilty of destructive politics. โ€œThis is the big taboo in the debate on political governance culture: the way the Chamber itself functions.โ€

Snels joined the House of Representatives in 2017 and ranked 6th of the candidate list in the election earlier this year. For his political career, the economist Snels was a journalist, assistant professor and publicist and was counted as the left-liberal wing of the party. He has also been a member of D66 and was on the campaign team of then-D66 leader Alexander Pechtold in 2012.