Groningen fans delay protest action in Waalwijk

Fans of FC Groningen protested in a playful manner against the start time of 8 pm on Sunday evening. Just before the start of the game, they threw bouncing balls on the field.
Playing football on Sunday evening is a thorn in the side of many clubs and fans and certainly the supporters of Groningen have already acted several times by 8pm on the Sunday evening. In the home game against AZ, which was played earlier this season, the supporters also organized a protest action and Sunday evening in Waalwijk it was time again.
At first, banners were held in the air with ‘stop Sunday 8pm ‘and ‘kick down later, arranged freely tomorrow anyway’ on them. After that, bouncing balls were thrown on the field and they had to be cleaned up first. As a result, the Eredivisie match between number eight and number fifteen of the Premier League began a few minutes later.