Group of tourists gets criminal work in India: 500 times’ sorry ‘

A group of ten tourists who visited the Tapovan region in India on Saturday received criminal work from the authorities. They had to write five hundred times, โ€œI didnt follow the coronare rules, and Im sorry.โ€

In India, a strict lockdown has been declared for 21 days. Foreign visitors, coming from Mexico, Israel, the USA and Australia, were caught walking in the normally crowded area. According to a police chief, they didnt distance from each other.

Everyone in the group was sentenced to have to write the same sentence five hundred times. That should teach the hundreds of other foreigners who are still in the area a lesson, the sayman added. According to him, tourists usually do not follow the lockdown rules, reports Indian NDTV.

A video shows a cop having a discussion with one of the tourists. Meanwhile, the others continue to write pressure. โ€œ500 times. Understood?โ€ calls the officer.