Group rape leads to womens protests in Pakistan

In Pakistan, for the second day running, women have demonstrated against the polices treatment of gang rape. Hundreds of women gathered in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar.

On Tuesday evening, a woman was raped by two armed men in the presence of her children along the motorway outside Lahore. She had come to a standstill because her petrol had run out. She called the police for help, but before they arrived, two men with firearms passed by, raping her next to the motorway and taking her telephone and other belongings with them.

Guilt on the victim

The highest police officer who was put on the case laid the blame on the victim. He said she should have taken a different, busier route, not travelled at night and made sure she had enough petrol. He also said that he had the impression that the woman thought that Pakistan was as safe for women as France, the country she would come from.

The outrage at these statements led to protests. Women gathered with French flags and signs saying hang the rapists and break the silence, stop the violence.

Tonight the police announced that they have identified the perpetrators with dna material and hope to arrest them soon. However, the women demonstrating are not satisfied with this, and are also calling for the resignation of the police chief.