GTA United authors have their mod removed for fear of DMCA

Not long ago, Take-Two publishing house, citing copyright, forced the creators of a range of popular custom modifications to shut down their designs. This included mods of a decade or more. The GTA United project did not come under attack this time.

However, its creators decided to reinsurance and themselves claimed the closure and removal of the mod. Precursor designs, VC2SA and LC2SA, will be closed at the same time.

Its no longer possible to download them officially. According to the fashion builders team, Take-Two and Rockstar Games are slowly screwing the nuts to the creators of user content more and more.

And having many years of projects coming into the spotlight does not bode well for the fashion builders. The GTA United mod was based on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Vice modifications City 2 San Andreas and Liberty City 2 San Andreas.

In it, the San Andreas map was replaced with the combined Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The first beta version of GTA United was released in 2007.

And December 2021 saw the release of GTA United 1. 2, which still existed.

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