“Guardiola has always said that he finds Ajax very interesting, so who knows”

Richard Witschge secretly hopes that Pep Guardiola will someday be a trainer of Ajax. The Spanish manager of Manchester City, who during his active career at Barcelona was a teammate of Witschge, plays football according to the idea of Johan Cruijff.
According to Witschge, football according to Cruijff also fits Ajax automatically. As a trainer, Guardiola would fit very well into the Ajax philosophy, he says to De Cceit. Its probably not real financially, but maybe hes such a fan that he would want to work at Ajax someday. He has always said that he finds Ajax and Ajax football very inspiring, so who knows?
The former midfielder of Ajax and Barcelona, among others, played with Barcelona under the eternal number fourteen, just like Guardiola. The football of the day is not comparable to that of today, but it is clearly very strongly influenced by Johan. This can often be seen in the way he uses, but especially in the interest he attaches to the position game.
Guardiola was trainer of Barcelona and also sway the scepter at Bayern Munich. Now hes final manager at Manchester City.