Guardiola Surprised by Sterling Statements: Mahrez Doesnt Complain Either

The fact that Raheem Sterling complains in the media about his lack of playing time at Manchester City does not fall well with Pep Guardiola. The manager is amazed by the statements of the 26-year-old wing striker, who indicated that he is open to a transfer.
โ€œI didn‘t know about anything and I don’t think the club either,โ€ Guardiola responds to the press conference ahead of Saturday‘s Premier League game with Burnley. โ€œHe’s our player, hopefully he‘ll be another important player for us. Riyad Mahrez plays little and does not complain, Joรฃo Cancelo does not complain either. I can’t offer players any guarantees about the number of minutes of play, they have to let their feet speak on the pitch. Not just Raheem, every player.โ€
Sterling has been playing for Manchester City since 2015 and has been a major force in recent years. However, this vintage does not stand in two basic places in the Premier League. Guardiola understands that the English international is a result of that. โ€œI was a player myself and understand it completely. I wanted to play too. What I want from Raheem and every other player is that they‘re happy to be here. If not, he has to make the best decision for himself and his family.โ€
Sterling is the victim of Phil Foden’
s breakthrough and the arrival of Jack Grealish in the English champion. Spanish media already linked him to a transfer to FC Barcelona, possibly through a trade deal.