Guarers hostage taker in French prison surrenders

The hostage in a Condรฉ-sur-Sarthe prison is over after three hours. According to French Justice Minister Dupond-Moretti, the hostage taker surrendered.

The man, who is serving a long sentence for murder and rape, took two jailers hostage at the end of the morning. One of the two, a woman, he let go pretty fast. He held a male guard longer.

A police mediation team also tried to release the second hostage. Under what circumstances the hostage has ended, the minister did not say. He goes to prison later today, which is about 50 kilometres above Le Mans, to speak with those involved.

Two years ago, in the same prison, two employees were held hostage by a prisoner, with a homemade knife. That hostage lasted five hours: the perpetrator was overpowered and the two employees remained unharmed.