Gudde shares frustration: ‘When I see the queues at IKEA and in the parks… ‘

Eric Gudde, director of paid football of the KNVB, cannot understand the decision of the cabinet not to allow supporters in the Eredivisie stadiums this weekend. In Zeist one points to the images of people in the parks or at the IKEA.
On Thursday, the policymakers in The Hague found that this weekend in empty stadiums will be played at the highest level. That was a slap in the face of clubs, the KNVB and Gudde. โ€œDisappointing is an understatement,โ€ he says to ESPN. โ€œThis is an inimitable and unexplainable decision for clubs, fans and all of us.โ€
Legal reasons would be the basis for canceling new tests with fans in the stadiums. โ€œThat is extremely sad. When I see what kind of laws are being adopted on all kinds of fronts, it must be possible to regulate it. Everyone was incredibly excited and it was a successful project. If you call it off now, you‘re actually saying it didn’t succeed at all.โ€
Gudde would like to point the cabinet to images he has seen in the media. โ€œPeople know how organized it was with us, right? I imagine mayors would rather have checked people in a stadium than outside. When I see the queues at the IKEA or the hustle and bustle in the parks… Football is more controlled than anywhere else and that‘s why it’s so sad.โ€