Guild Wars authors disguised a Silver Edge sword easter too well

Many developers hide secrets, surprises and easter in their games – but some of them are too well disguised, so it takes years to look for. This once again proves the case with the sword Silver Edge from Guild Wars: it was found in nine years. Rumors that the game concealed weapons dedicated to odnom from active students Wiki-coobschectva Guild Wars, have been walking since 2013.

Then the developers hinted at the existence of the โ€œSilver Bladeโ€ during the Wayfarers Reverie event, but probably the hint was too delicate. Just the other day former ArenaNet employee Matthew Moore admitted that the studio hid the easter too well.

After receiving confirmation, players rushed to search, and Moore directed their efforts with the next clues. After nine years, one of the players still managed to discover Silver Edge.

The way he used he described on Reddit. As it turned out, the easter still works, and it is not tied to the game event.

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