Guinea coup, president detained

Guinea soldiers have captured President Condรฉ and overthrown his government. In a short message broadcast on the state television, a military man said the plan is to compile an interim government, and more details will follow later.

The military man, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, was accompanied by eight other armed people, and in the background the countrys flag was seen in West Africa. He also said that Guineas borders are closing for a week and Guineas democracy is being restored. The soldiers entered the state TV premises earlier today.

โ€œThe duty of a military man is to save the country,โ€ Doumbouya said. โ€œWe no longer want to entrust politics to one man, but we want to give it to the people.โ€

The news follows a day of turmoil in the capital Conakry. The presidential palace was fiercely shot this morning and there were shots in other places around the city as well. The Department of Defense said the attack on the palace had been repulsed by the presidential guard. The army speaks of โ€œmuiting troopsโ€ behind the attack.

Whether the total power in Guinea is owned by the colonel and his group is not clear. However, the 83-year-old president has been captured in an unknown location. Colonel Doumbouya says hes in a โ€œsafe placeโ€ and a doctor saw him.

United Nations Secretary-General Guterres condemned the action and wants Condรฉ to be released immediately. The African Union also demands the immediate release of the President.

Moroccan soccer team is stuck in hotel

The Moroccan football team would play in and against Guinea tomorrow for a World Cup qualifying match. FIFA has postponed that game โ€œto ensure the safety of all players and match officialsโ€. However, the team was already in Guinea and is now stuck in the hotel, says coach Halilhodzic to French sports newspaper LEquipe.

โ€œWere in the hotel, we hear gunshots up close all day long. Were waiting for permission to go to the airport, but were stranded now. Theres a plane waiting for us, but were not allowed to leave.โ€

Condรฉs popularity has gone down sharply in recent months. He came to power in the first elections since 1958 in 2010, but went against the Constitution for a third term as president last year and won the election. Protests against this were deaths, according to the opposition, dozens of deaths.