Gullit about the Orange: Happiness in an accident they didnt participate

Ruud Gullit is particularly happy that the Dutch team has not received a counter goal in the last two games. In his column in the Cceit, he also writes that it was good to see that the Netherlands is more vulnerable without Memphis and Frenkie de Jong.
โ€œOf course, everyone dances on a thin cord,โ€ says Gullit about the current state of the Dutch national team. โ€œWhat I liked most about the Netherlands-Belgium was that the Orange did not look well, but nevertheless did not give away a counter goal. Of course, that has been different. It was fortunate in the event of an accident to find that in the absence of Memphis and especially De Jong.โ€
Because for Gullit, De Jong remains the most important player of the Dutch national team. Although, after seeing Poland-Netherlands, teams will be more prepared for FC Barcelonas midfielders game. โ€œDe Jong remains the most important designer at the Orange. Because Van Gaal does not have a second De Jong available, the World Cup opponents will undoubtedly sacrifice a man to De Jong after studying Poland-Netherlands. However, the Dutch team now also knows that they can just play at zero against a team with top players.โ€
According to Gullit, the injury to De Jong and Memphis can be deduced from the match rhythm of the two. โ€œWithout much competition rhythm, those two will have gone full blast at the Orange, because they dont play everything at Barcelona. Of course, injuries are lurking.โ€