Gullit ‘offended’ by KNVB-decision: ‘People behind Gudde who did not want it’

Ruud Gullit has again harnessed the KNVB on Sunday evening in Rondo. The 66-fold Orange-International finds it incomprehensible that the Football Association has not announced โ€” by English example โ€” a temporary boycott on social media.
The English clubs will not share content this weekend through their social media channels, in protest against online racism and hate speech that players are frequently victims of. The KNVB also spoke out on this issue, but decided not to do the same: in England there was a history that is not there in the Netherlands, argued the Football Association.
This caused an astonishment to Gullit, who had taken part in the Mineals Committee last summer, which is committed to greater diversity within the Football Association. โ€œI have indicated examples. It starts with Babel who shares a picture with the Dutch team: those are Sinterklazen and Zwarte Pieten… The other day, things all happened in Den Bosch. The feeling the KNVB gives you is that they dont care that they do it for stage,โ€ he fights in the Ziggo Sport talk show. โ€œI thought to myself: this is really not possible. I was really offended.โ€
Gullit already expressed his dissatisfaction in De Cceit on Friday. โ€œOn the occasion of Jan de Jong called me. Jan de Jong also called Humberto Tanโ€, he explains two days later about the chairman of the Eredivisie CV and his committee mate. โ€œHe said: well, we want to talk about it. We haven
t supported this plan yet, because Ajax can become champion. We are waiting for it, but we are definitely going to do something.โ€
Despite the ridiculous state of the KNVB, Gullit has no intention of stopping the battle. โ€œI think Gudde (the director in Zeist, save.) wanted it, but there are a lot of people behind it who just didnt want it. They dont want to change,โ€ says Gullit, who gets the question whether he has thought about early departure. โ€œNo, Im not going to stop,โ€ he responds decisively. โ€œNow Im at my best!โ€

๐Ÿ˜“ @GullitR is furious! The @KNVB did not join the social media booklet this weekend took over in the fight against (online) racism. The feeling the KNVB gives is that they dont care that they do it for stage. #RONDO #ZiggoSport
โ€” Ziggo Sport Football (@ZS_Voetbal) May 2, 2021