Gullit ‘warns’ football world: ‘Everyone has agreed, idea stays it’

Ruud Gullit thinks that the plans for a Super League are far from a past. The former international of Orange understands that the clubs are trying to lose their debts through the new European competition.
Gullit believes that the plans for the Super League are all about money. โ€œClubs have spent too much money, and even on players who do not even earn such amounts. The Super League is an easy way to raise a lot of money again. Its an easy way to get rid of your debts. I think many clubs feel that way,โ€ he tells beIN Sports in a call call.
Despite the plans for the time being gone, Gullit warns of too much optimism. The former striker and midfielder thinks that the participating clubs still have ears for the Super League. โ€œEveryone has agreed to it: all clubs, the owners. Everyone agreed it was a good idea to do this, and a day later they brought out plans for a Super League.โ€
โ€œTherefore, do not think that the Super League is a thing of the past. The idea will always haunt the minds.โ€

โ€œDont think this #SuperLeague is finishedโ€ @GullitR reckons the breakaway competition could return as Europes top clubs try to compete with the finances of the Premier League elite. #beINUCL
โ€” beIN SPORTS (@beINSPORTS_EN) April 28, 2021