Gündogan files charges against fellow MP of FvD

Member of Parliament Gündogan (former member of the Volt Group) has filed charges against her colleague Van Meijeren of Forum for Democracy for sedition and incitement to violence.

The reason is a speech that Van Meijeren gave on 2 July at the Farmers Forum in Tiel. He said that it is not always healthy if there is a taboo on the use of force. Forum of Democracy posted a video on social media last weekend.

According to Van Meijeren, the state does use violence, severe violence. And if you are in danger of being expropriated and you refuse, count on vans arriving with men wearing bats and helmets, and they will knock you off the premises.

Penal Code

He also referred to Article 41 of the Criminal Code, which stipulates that it is allowed to use force if necessary to protect your own or someone elses body, good or honor against unlawful sexual assault. We should never forget that, said Van Meijeren.

Gündogan believes that the FVDer goes too far with his suggestion that farmers have the right to use violence against officials and hopes that as many people as possible file charges against him. This is the beginning of the erosion of the rule of law.


Gündogan was first with the Volt political party, but was expelled from the group after a rising conflict over cross-border behaviour. As a Volt MP, she has filed charges several times because of threats against her. In February, she told Nieuwsuur that the threats increased if she had had a collision with a Forum MP in the House of Representatives.

Yesterday, Gündogan 45 already hinted on Twitter that she was going to file charges against Van Meijeren.

Van Meijeren responded on Twitter with reluctance to the intention of Volts former MP: That you can still make time for that, despite the fact that you have been busy (in vain) organizing your thoughts for months.