‘Gunman Buffalo threatened high school shooting early’

The 18-year-old man who committed a terror attack in the US city of Buffalo yesterday threatened a shooting at his high school last year. This reports the AP news agency. The shooter, Payton Gendron, had to seek psychological help after that threat. The authorities do not mention the right-wing extremist by name, but do say that he was indeed psychologically examined last year.

An anonymous police official tells AP he made his threat around the time he was due to get his high school diploma. At the time, officers received a report from a 17-year-old student who made threats at the high school in upstate New York, after which they arrested Gendron. After that, he was admitted to a hospital for a day.

New York Governor Hochul says the attack will be further investigated. She believes that the investigation should focus primarily on how Gendron was able to commit this attack while the authorities knew he was a threat. โ€œI want to know what people knew about this and when it was,โ€ she told ABC News.

Police have spoken to the shooter‘s parents. They cooperate with the research.

Buffalo residents have gathered at the supermarket to commemorate the victims:

Earlier it became clear that before the attack, which he livestreamed via Twitch, Gendron published a 180-page manifesto. In it, he described, among other things, how he radicalized online under the influence of right-wing extremist terrorist Brenton Tarrant, who committed attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2020.

Furthermore, in his piece he described extensively that he sees himself as a racist, fascist and anti-Semite. He emerges in his text as a hardened ethnic nationalist who touts white supremacy. He wanted to shoot as many black people as possible and would have fired more than 50 times in the busy supermarket. Thirteen victims were killed in the attack, including eleven black people. Ten of Gendron’s victims have died.

After President Biden, Vice President Harris also reacted in shock to the attack. โ€œThe police are still investigating the matter, but what is already clear is that we are dealing with an epidemic of hatred in our country. The evidence is provided in the form of violent actions and intolerance,โ€ Harris said. โ€œRacially motivated hate crimes or violent extremism damage us all.โ€

Retired cop shot dead

Not much has been announced about most of the victims yet. It is clear that a former policeman, Aaron Salter, is among the dead. He was a guard at the supermarket in the Black Quarter since his recent retirement and, according to authorities, ran towards Gendron when it opened fire.

The other victims whose names are known are 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield, who is said to have been in the store after visiting her husband in a care home, and Katherine Massey. The 20-year-old Zaire Goodman was shot in the neck by Gendron, but survived the attack. In Buffalo, flags hang half-mast at government buildings.