Haarlemmer gets tbs with coercive nurse for beating the old man to death

The court sentenced a 57-year-old man from Haarlem to tbs with coercive care for the fatal abuse of an 83-year-old Amsterdammer.

The two men ran into each other in December in a complex for assisted living, where the Haarlemmer lived. The victim had visited a friend there. The men did not know each other.

At the elevator in the building, the man slapped the victim’s head out of nowhere. Due to the blows the victim suffered a brain haemorrhage, as a result of which he died six days later in hospital.

The perpetrator said he saw the 83-year-old man as an intruder. Experts declared him to be completely unaccountable in the run-up to the criminal case. He has been listed as a psychiatric patient for forty years, reports NH Nieuws.

Because of the great danger of repetition, it is “completely irresponsible” according to the court to let the Haarlemmer return to society untreated.