Hacker action movie Evotinction is released in spring 2023 on PC and PlayStation

The creators of the hacker stealth action movie Evotinction took part in the Summer of Gaming 2022 gaming holiday. Players were shown a gameplay trailer and a recording of 10 minutes of gameplay, and at the same time announced that the game was released not only on PlayStation 4, but also on PlayStation 5 and PC. This should happen in the spring of 2023.

Evotinction is a project by the Spikewave Games studio, which was chosen as a member of the PlayStation China Hero project. Perp Games and Astrolabe Games help in the development and publication of the game, and work on the project began in 2016.

Spikewave Games employees are big fans of stealth games, and a unique They created a dystopian setting of the near future with a view to futuristic technologies that will make stealth techniques diverse and rich. Head of Research and Development at an isolated autonomous research center.

An emergency is taking place in the institution: the AI manager was infected, and service robots began to attack people. Players will have to find survivors and try to identify and solve the main problem.

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