Hacker Detective Song of Farca is released on July 22

The small Moscow-based studio Wooden Monkeys, known for Save Kochs adventure strategy, is releasing its new game with support from Alawar Premium publishing house. Grim 2-D hacker detective Song of Farca is out July 22 on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOOG. Song of Farca action takes place in a world reminiscent of the TV series โ€œBlack Mirrorโ€: Technology became an integral part of life, IT corporations gained real power.

Thanks to them, our heroine, sitting under house arrest, manages to continue in the role of private investigator. Isabella Song, a detective and hacker, investigates a number of very different cases through mind, drones and set gadgets.

It can also search for facts and evidence through hacking, surveillance, and browsing. History is formed through our decisions and conclusions.

And at some point it will turn out that the cases uncovered are actually linked. More on Iromania New City of Gangsters trailer dedicated to becoming Mafia boss Funcom assures Conan Chop exists, but until the Space Strategy Stellar Warfare comes out early access August 4.