Hackers are trying to poison drinking water in Florida

A hacker in the U.S. state of Florida tried to poison the water in a drinking water supply by adding a dangerous amount of sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda.

The attacker remotely accessed Oldsmar‘s drinking water supply via an employee’s computer and increased the amount of sodium hydroxide in the water.

The hacker entered the system twice last Friday. A supervisor of the facility noticed the second attack and intervened immediately. As a result, the drinking water was not poisoned in the end. According to a local sheriff, there was no threat to public health. The facility supplies drinking water to some 15,000 inhabitants.

Irritation to skin and eyes

Sodium hydroxide is used in small amounts to control the acidity of the water, but is harmful in large quantities. The substance can cause irritation to the eyes and skin. It can also cause all kinds of stomach and intestinal problems.

The FBI and Secret Service are working with local authorities to investigate the attack. No arrests have been made yet. It is unclear whether the attacker or attackers come from the United States or abroad, writes the BBC.