‘Had a great career, but a top Dutch club would have been nice ‘

Feyenoord hits a Dutch captain against Maccabi Haรฏfa on Tuesday. Tjaronn Chery looks forward to meeting with the Rotterdammers.
Feyenoord has made several attempts to bring Chery to De Kuip in the past, but now faces him. โ€œIve been in touch with Feyenoord a few times,โ€ Chery admits to De Cceit. โ€œWhen I was sold to Queens Park Rangers from FC Groningen, I was also in contact with Feyenoord. That didnt go on at the time, but theres always been contact over and over.โ€
But that wasn
t the only time Feyenoord threw a line. โ€œWhen I played football in China, Feyenoord wanted to rent me for a year, but that didnt go on either, because the Chinese didnt want to let me go. It may have been a shame afterwards. I had a great career. But playing at a top club in the Netherlands would have been nice.โ€
Both teams face each other on Tuesday. Chery is now captain of Maccabi Haรฏfa. โ€œYou can compare Maccabi Haifa a bit to Feyenoord. The fans are the same as Feyenoords. Its a top club in Israel. I have a great time here. The family is also having a good time. Im good in here.โ€