Hades was Game of the Year by Game Developers Choice Awards 2021

At the past 21st annual Game Developers Choice Awards, Hades was named Game of the Year. In addition to this, the bagels received two more awards. Along with Hades, The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima qualified for six awards, but each received only one.

However, Ghost of Tsushima also won the Audience Award. Game of the Year โ€” Hades Best Sound โ€” Hades Best Debut โ€” Phasmophobia Best Design โ€” Hades Best Mobile Game โ€” Genshin Impact Innovation Award โ€” Dreams Best Storytelling โ€” The Last of Us: Part II Best Technology โ€” Microsoft Flight Simulator Best Art Style โ€” Ghost of Tsushima Best Game for VR/AR โ€” Half-Life: Alyx Prize Audience โ€” Ghost of TsushimaAt the same time, the organisers of the Independent Games Festival, which takes place as part of the Game Developers Conference, announced the winners of the 23rd annual IGF Awards.

The top prize went to photographers simulator Uumurangi Generation, which also won the prize for outstanding storytelling. Noir space adventure Genesis Noir in turn claimed four awards at once, but also received two.

Seamas McNally Grand Prix โ€” Umurangi Generation Outstanding Sound โ€” Genesis Noir Best Student Work โ€” Vessels Outstanding Design โ€” Teardown Outstanding Narrative โ€” Umurangi Generation Outstanding Art Style โ€” Genesis Noir Nouveau Award โ€” Blaseball Audience Award โ€” Arrog More on Gomania In PS Store Cheap Days Gone and The Last of Us Part II Amazon authors react to problem with RTX 3090: The case for drivers and FPS The next Games to be festival will take place on Steam in early October.