Haiti gang releases last hostage missionaries

In Haiti, all members of a group of kidnapped missionaries were released again by the gang who kidnapped them outside the capital Port-au-Prince on October 16. A total of seventeen missionaries and their family members have been imprisoned. At the end of November, two of them were released.

The group consists of Canadians and Americans who are affiliated with the American organization Christian Aid Ministries. The gang is 400 Mawozo, and is behind many more kidnappings, murders and extortion cases. According to local authorities, the group wanted a million dollars a ransom per person.

According to Reuters news agency, it is not clear whether a ransom has actually been paid.

Street violence increased

Haiti is becoming increasingly unsafe. Last summer, President Jovenel Moรฏse was killed in his own home. The already flawed government has since crumbled even further and street violence has increased. Gangs are the service in large parts of the capital. There is also a huge shortage of fuels.

American authorities have called on all Americans in Haiti to leave. Canada has brought back the vast majority of its embassy staff.