Haiti is looking for five more suspects of murder of President Moïse

Haiti police are looking for another five suspects of President Jovenel Moïse‘s murder. Among those suspects are a former senator, a fired official and an informant from the US government, writes AP news agency. The five are fugitive, armed and dangerous, police say.

The president was shot to death last Wednesday in his own home in capital Port-au-Prince. His wife survived the attack, but was seriously injured and was taken to a hospital in Miami.

One of the suspects, former Senator John Joël Joseph, is a well-known Haiti politician. He is an opponent of the Tèt Kale party, to which the president was a member. In a video, Joseph compared Moïse to coronavirus last year. He called the president’s reign deadly because people died of hunger or were killed by waves of violence.

The second suspect, Joseph Felix Badio, previously worked for the Justice Department. In 2013, he joined the government‘s anti-corruption unit. There he was fired for serious breaches of ethical rules. The unit filed a complaint.

Rodolphe Year is the third suspect. He was sued in the U.S. state of Florida for cocaine smuggling in 2013. He was sentenced to four years in jail, but didn’t last it. In 2015, his lawyer said that Year was a confidential resource for the US for several years in the past. Yesterday, several US media also wrote that there are suspects who had ties to US security forces.

29 suspects

A total of 29 suspects were arrested: 26 Colombians and three Haitians. Three suspects were killed at least. Of the 26 Colombians, 23 are still stuck. The South American country helps Haiti to detect suspects.

Multiple media, including the Miami Herald, wrote that one of the arrested Haitians is a doctor who worked in Florida. He would be one of the leaders of the murder plot. According to the Haitian police, the 63-year-old arrestant wanted to take over Moïse‘s presidency and recruited the other suspects to do so.

According to the Miami Herald, the suspects arrested told the investigator that the intention was not to kill Moïse, but to arrest him on behalf of a Colombian command unit. Why isn’t clear. They said it was their mission to transport Moïse to the presidential palace.