Half FVD voters: ‘Corona is designed to oppress citizens’

Half of the people who want to vote for the Forum for Democracy (FvD) think the coronavirus was deliberately developed to suppress citizens worldwide. 51 percent think corona is a biological weapon manufactured in a laboratory. This is evidenced by research by Ipsos, commissioned by Nieuwsuur.

The views of FVD voters on conspiracy theories differ considerably from those of the average Dutchman and of voters on other parties. For comparison, among all Dutch people, 11 percent believe that the virus is deliberately developed and 13 percent believe it is a biological weapon.

Hard core

According to IPSOS researcher Sjoerd van Heck, the moderate voters at FvD have disappeared. The percentage of conspiracy thinkers has increased. Because they now have a voter group left to stay true to him no matter what. This is the hard core that remains.

The leader of FvD, Thierry Baudet, is one of the few politicians who travel from city to city every day by bus. Hes campaigning physically and hes mostly talking about corona. In Urk, he shook hands, like theres no pandemic.

But striking is that corona is not the most important subject for FVD voters. Immigration and asylum should be the subject of the elections according to 38% of the FVD constituents. Followed by health care (31 percent) and control of coronavirus (28 percent).

FvD attracts relatively many young voters (45 percent are between 18 and 35 years old). 54% of the constituents have received secondary education. 57% do not want to be vaccinated against corona and 31% think that everyone should refuse a vaccine, against 8% of all Dutch people.

Party leader Baudet made a remarkable turn around the coronavirus himself. A year ago, he seemed to be the biggest lobbyist for mouthcaps. He wanted mouthcaps in the hospitality industry and for hairdressers. Now he calls them mouthdiapers.

In Nieuwsuur Baudet says about his turn: Very soon it became clear to me that corona is less dangerous than we thought in May. I believe in the deepest part of my fibres that we need to get rid of the lockdown. There is a globalistic seizure of power.

More than half of his constituents (54%) also believe that wearing mouthcaps can lead to health damage, sometimes even cancer. 12 percent of the average Dutch people think so.