Half of buyers from Europe: GOG told the results of 2020 in figures

CD Projekt sums up the 2020 financial year, and all the figures and facts cited by it attract attention primarily because of the major events with Cyberpunk 2077. But the company includes not only studio CD Projekt Red. Online store GOG.

com also decided to sum up its own results. And this he made a large-scale infographic, which includes important facts and figures.

Thanks to this, we learned that the store‘s net revenue increased by 114% compared to last year. Of all GOOG customers, almost half live in Europe, this is the largest market.

North America is inferior to it, accounting for 34% of purchases. Almost do not use the GOOG catalog in Asia, Australia and even more so on other continents.

In 2020, the store published 483 games, and now in the catalog – more than 4700 titles. Of these, more than 400,000 were added at the request of players.

Particularly noticeable have worked gamers’ requests regarding Devotion. Most of GOG customers are from 18 to 34 years old, and they prefer single, role-playing and story games.

And to its registered shoppers, the store has already handed out more than $28 million worth of gifts and bonuses. More on CCeit โ€œTroll Hunters: Rise of the Titansโ€ Guillermo del Toro will be released in July Nexon presented Overkill, a game in the universe Dungeon&Fighter The Russian adventure Torn Away appeared page on Steam.