Halle Berry could not identify with black actresses for a long time

As a young girl, Halle Berry liked to watch black women starring in films or series. This is what the actress, known for Catwoman, says in the documentary American Masters: How It Feels to Be Free.

โ€œ At first I had trouble identifying myself with other black women,โ€ says now 54-year-old Berry. It wasnt until she saw Diahann Carroll shine in Julia that she knew what type of woman she wanted to be. โ€œI saw Carroll as the star of a show. She was also handsome and well-educated. That made me realize that I had value,โ€ says Berry.

The fact that seeing black women on the tube was important to her had to do with, among other things, the home situation. โ€œI was a black child raised by a white woman, so I didnt have those examples at home. It was therefore important for me to see it on television.โ€

Halle Berry has worked hard on the organization of the Oscars, one of the best known film awards. The actress feels that there is too little attention to black actresses. Berry won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2002 for her role in Monsters Ball, but since then no black woman has managed to obtain this award.