Halloween event Escape The Darkwalker kicks off at The Long Dark

The Halloween event Escape The Darkwalker kicked off this morning at The Long Dark, and following a small teaser, the developers unveiled a full-fledged atmospheric trailer urging players run, hide and survive. In Escape The Darkwalker, the hero will be haunted by some invisible and unkillable entity. The monster is not stopped by walls, it is only possible to slow down for a while.

Its approach is instant death, and about the location of the entity can be guessed only by sounds. The players task is to survive as long as possible.

It is complicated by the fact that on any map of the world, if you stay on it for more than half an hour real time, there is a poisonous fog. After his appearance, there are only five minutes to leave the location.

So survival depends on how the route is planned. The Escape The Darkwalker event runs until the morning of November 13.

The fourth episode of the game, recall, is expected in 2021, and in December The Long Dark will receive a survival mode update. More on CCeit On Steam Launches Halloween Sale Original Watch Dogs to Release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Shares CD Projekt Drop After Cyberpunk 2077 Carrying.