Halloween sale started on Steam

On Steam started a Halloween sale with discounts on horror, dark games and other projects, mainly creating a tense atmosphere. The campaign will last until the evening of November 2 โ€” more precisely, until 21:00 MSK. During this time, Valve service can be purchased including: Dead Space โ€” 249 rubles Dead Space 2 โ€” 249 rubles Dead Space 3 โ€” 399 rubles Frostpunk โ€” 203 rubles Beholder โ€” 59 rubles Beholder 2 โ€” 144 rubles Alien: Isolation โ€” 342 rubles Devil May Cry 5 โ€” 1199 rubles DOOM Eternal โ€” 999 rubles The Evil Within โ€” 324 rubles The Evil Within 2 โ€” 649 rubles Chernobylite โ€” 466 rubles The Long Dark โ€” 161 ruble The Wolf Among Us โ€” 224 rubles LIMBO โ€” 149  rubles INSIDE โ€” 169 rubles Dying Light โ€” 373 rubles Dont Starve Together โ€” 118 rubles Control Ultimate Edition โ€” 1119 rubles Remnant: From the Ashes โ€” 648 rubles Resident Evil 2 โ€” 639 rubles Resident Evil 3 โ€” 999 rubles Resident Evil 7 โ€” 329 rubles Metro: Last Light Redux โ€” 83 rubles Metro 2033 Redux — 83 rubles Vampyr โ€” 449 rubles Hunt: Showdown โ€” 674 rubles Dead Island Definitive Edition โ€” 104 rubles Dead by Daylight โ€” 199 rubles The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan โ€” 659.

See all games on the sale page. More on CCeit The third part of The Dark Pictures will be released in 2021 โ€” the first teaser House of Ashes System Requirements, Features and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for PC World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be released on November 23.