Halo and Destiny composer Martin ODonnell may retire from gaming industry

Halo and Destiny composer Martin ODonnell tweeted overnight about a possible retirement from the gaming industry. Unfortunately, there is no specifics in the words of the musician, but he noted that soon he will have to close his YouTube channel โ€” a few days previously he advised many to watch a 45-minute video from his channel about writing soundtracks to Halo, Destiny and Golem. ODonnell was later advised to speak to Pete Parsons, the founder and principal of Bungie, from whom the musician was fired one day on April 14, 2014.

After that, the composer had a long trial with the studio, eventually winning the case and receiving compensation and part of the shares of the former employer. Now ODonnell is working on a new version of Six Days in Fallujah โ€” a scandalous shooter about the war in Iraq.

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