Halo Infinite creators ask not to share plot spoilers

Not long ago, Studio 343 released a technical demo of upcoming shooter Halo Infinite on Xbox and PC. And, as dataminers soon found out, the technical build turned out to include story campaign files. So there were significant plot spoilers on the net.

343 representatives said that this was unintentional, and the leak of plot details could have a bad impact on further impressions of the game. Therefore, the studio asks anyone who has access to them not to explore details or share spoilers with others.

Those who have already managed to publish the data that are leaked are invited to remove these publications from the network. Otherwise are threatened with copyright infringement complaints that can lead to blocks.

As for those who are going to buy and go through Halo Infinite, they are better off before the release of the game with care to visit relevant forums and social networks. More on Gomania Potion Craft Makers Update Test Version of Game Valve asks court to dismiss Wolfire Games antitrust lawsuit Horror Hero The Dark World: KARMA tries to find out who he is.